Fat Splitting | Fatty Acid & Alcohol Fractionation | Oleo Simulation


  • Design of – Fat Splitting Columns / Fractionators, including evaluation of full operational flexibility. Designs are tailored to precisely meet all clients’ requirements.
  • Generate Process Flow Diagrams and Basic Engineering Packages. The package to include, the material balance, process flows, temperature, composition, auxiliary equipment sizing and heat duties.
  • For existing plants, the simulators can be used to;
    • Identify and unlock inbuilt capacity.
    • Benchmark operations vs best industry practice.
    • Improve process yields / reduce utility consumption.
    • Recommend optimum operating conditions.
  • Provide Process Guarantees.

Sample simulator output is included in this website, attached as pdf files.

8 thoughts on “Fat Splitting | Fatty Acid & Alcohol Fractionation | Oleo Simulation

    • Anil,
      the DOS will depend on the fat you want to split. A medium pressure column would operate at about 30 bar, attaining a temperature of about 235C, compared with a HP splitter, operating at about 55bar, attaining a temperature of upto 265C. To achieve an equivalent DOS, the MP column would require about 2 to 3 times more residence time.

  1. Sir,
    We are a company engaged in the promotion of palm oil plantations in India under the NMOP scheme of the GOI. We presently have 20,000 Hectares planted under our jurisdiction of which 13,000 will be yielding fruit this year. We have crushed 1,70,000 tonnes of FFb and expect to crush 2,00,000 tonnes of FFB this year. we have started a 250 TPD palm oil refinery last year and have processed 47,000 tonnes of CPO. We wish to expand the capacity to 500TPD and venture into the various down stream products.

    In the above context we would like to know if you provide DPRs for the various projects downstream. As the industry is seasonal in nature we would like us to be flexible in the feedstock. We are also interested in processing CPKO which we also produce. If not DPR’s do you provide any consulting on desiging the strategy for a way forward.

    V N Srinivas Prasad

    • Dear Mr Prasad,

      Many thanks for your inquiry. I have full familiarity in CPO and CPKO, particularly for Oleochemicals, ie fat splitting, fractionation and upto fatty alcohols. At this stage you will have 3 bypdcts – pfad, rbdps and palm kernel. pfad / rbdps has a ready market in soap manufacturing, you must already be disposing locally. Currently you must be generating about 25 tpd palm kernel, possibly just enough for a minimum crushing installation. I’ll be happy to answer any specific queries, contact me at rustomt1@gmail.com.

      All the best

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